What Is ART? (or, am I really an artist?)

What Is ART? (or, am I really an artist?)

What is art? You may be surprised, as it very well might not be what you think it is.

An artist is a person who creates art: a person who is skilled at drawing, painting, etc. (MW) – This, unfortunately, is the definition most people use when asked about art, and they usually will reply with the statement, “I can’t draw or paint; I’m no artist.”

Perhaps you are not an artist, per se, but another version. Perhaps you are an artiste. An artiste is an artistic or creative person or a skilled adept public performer, especially a musical or theatrical entertainer. (AHD)

Or maybe you are an artisan; a person who practices a trade or handicraft that produces something in limited quantities often using traditional methods; such as a cooper, carpenter, blacksmith, potter, or glassblower. (AHD)

Maybe you feel that you are a run-of-the-mill handcrafter. Guess what! You are still an artist, because you are creating ART.

So, what exactly is ART?

According to a tattered well-worn copy of The American Heritage Dictionary, Second College Edition, published in 1991; by definition, art is the conscious production or arrangement of sounds, colors, forms, movements, or other elements in a manner that affects the sense of beauty. Art is also considered any field or category of art, such as painting, sculpting, drawing, music, ballet, or literature.

In my opinion, this one sums it up nicely, per the Merriam Webster Online Dictionary, art is something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings.

There you have it! If you make something yourself – pretty much anything at all in or with any type of medium, are a singer, musician, songwriter, actor, performer….you are an artist and you are creating art.

Now that you have a new perspective on what art is, and that you, yourself, may be an artist; then it is time to look around you and see how art and artists affect and/or influence your life, your family, and your community.

The newly formed Fairview Arts Council is a blossoming 501(c) non-profit organization composed of a variety of artists, artistes, artisans, craftsmen, and handcrafters {whom we refer to collectively as ‘creatives’} who reside in Fairview, Tennessee, and the surrounding area.

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