Meet Poet, Richard Edmondson

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Meet Poet, Richard Edmondson

Meet Richard Edmondson at our “Writer’s Journey” event at the Fairview Library, August 3 @10am

Richard Edmondson is a retired journalist who began his career in 1975 working as a “stringer” for The Tennessean while attending classes at MTSU. Over the years he has held positions in both print and broadcast media, in both Tennessee and California, including a stint with The Fairview Observer–in the mid 2000s–where he regularly covered meetings of the Fairview Board of Commissioners. In addition to his talents as a journalist, Richard is also a poet. He began writing poems some thirty years ago, and has accumulated a sizable body of work–poems tackling everything from love and romance to the human condition. Richard presently works as a cashier at the Publix store in Fairview.

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