Meet Jill Lorraine Turpin

Jill Lorraine Turpin has been pursuing creativity for as long as she could hold a crayon. “I’ve been exploring what it means to be an entrepreneur since I could drive. Over the years I have had more failures than successes, but I have finally discovered how to bring all the things I love together for a purpose that is uniquely mine. I am deeply fulfilled by encouraging healthy and creative communities, and currently run the newly formed Fairview Arts Council, an organization devoted to just that.”

Meet Kevin Murakami

Kevin Murakami, guitarist in the band Velvet Dogs, opened Kevin’s Rock and Roll Emporium earlier this year in Fairview.

Meet Lee Crow & Crosswinds Academy of the Arts

Lee founded Crosswinds Academy of the Arts in April 2013 as a way to offer a God-honoring and Biblically-based opportunity to learn and share the glory of the Lord through dance.

Meet Adam Buttrey

Fairview, TN native Adam Buttrey is a long-time illustrator & graphic designer. With a passion to draw and a huge appreciation of anything comics / sci-fi related, Adam continues to bring his artwork to life through traditional illustration and digital media.

Round Table Discussions Are Back!

Join Jill Turpin (Fairview Arts Council) & Brian Wutz (Fairview Chamber of Commerce) for a Zoom chat to discuss growing your creative or small business, from building a brand to free ways to market, to the ins and outs of various sales and publishing platforms. Whether your business is just an idea or you have experience…
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