Meet Author, A.R. Kavli

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Meet Author, A.R. Kavli

Meet A.R. Kavli at our “Writer’s Journey” event at the Fairview Library, August 3 @10am

Aaron R. Kavli is a starship captain, seeking fame and fortune among the stars by way of crafting fiction books since orbital mechanics are far too complicated for him. Seeking that same adventure in the real world, Aaron joined the U.S. Navy for six years, only to learn that F-14 Tomcat avionics technicians don’t get cool theme music like the pilots. He is still glad he joined—and left.

When not leading a squadron of raiders against the oppressive EarthGov, Aaron is moving miniatures he’s painted around a table and rolling dice, crossing swords with fellow historical fencing students, and traipsing around Middle Tennessee with his beautiful former F-14 Tomcat avionics technician wife and four vundabar children.

Kavli’s novel, With Our Dying Breath is available now for pre-order.

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