Our Mission

When the idea of creating the Fairview Arts Council first took hold in the summer of 2018, there were just a few of us getting to know each other while doing something ambitious, taking us all outside our comfort zone. REALLY outside our comfort zone in some cases – we were a handful of introverts after all!

But we stuck it out. We built trust quickly, because we knew we all wanted the same things.

We wanted to find people who understood us, to feel like we belonged. We wanted to develop and share our creativity in an encouraging environment. We wanted to learn, grow, succeed, and give back from what we accomplished.

We were looking for inspiration, motivation, and friendships that would endure.

We wanted a community we could be proud of because it reflected our roots, our history, our journey, and a hopeful future.

We wanted our children and grandchildren to get the best start possible, to help them prepare for bright futures.

It was honestly never about art. Or crafts. Or music. Or poetry. Or story. It’s always been about a community that celebrates and supports the individual creativity that brings people together and makes the world a more beautiful and caring place.

In a really short period of time we have grown from a handful of people just learning to trust each other, to hundreds of friends who share this vision of our local community reaching for its very best. We have provided opportunities to learn something, to share our unique talents and perspectives, to network and grow and thrive. 


Does connecting with other creatives in a supportive

and cooperative way sound good?


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